We are Stabil Camera Products. We specialize in professional camera stabilizers that cost a fraction of similar rigs on the market without compromising reliability, performance, or portability.


    Machined out of Carbon-Fiber and Aluminum, our camera stabilizers are built to last for years, and to withstand challenging creative environments such as dirt and sand.  The complicated electronics are housed in a protective ABS housing to prevent damage.


    With adjustability on all 3-axes and a multi-current microprocessor, our stabilizers can support any camera up to 13lbs, and can be quickly modified in the field within minute’s notice. Our stabilizers also fold down flat for easy transport.


    The 32-bit AlexMos microprocessors  coupled to two 6-axis sensors deliver immediate adjustments to the motors to ensure precise and responsive camera stabilization. The 24-pole precision brushless motors deliver massive torque and speed which keep the camera stable in all axes.


    Our stabilizers are among the most affordable in the market, but do not compromise in structural integrity or performance. Each unit is built by hand here in the USA, and our customer support is available to resolve any possible issues.